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So, I’ve officially become one of these people looking for an outside source for my blogging needs. Myspace blogs just don’t seem to do it for me. Either I have to make them friends only, or they flood my page and make my page look dumb. More or less this will be here to post what I’m feeling on the road, what I’m feeling at home. It’ll most likely be random thoughs and song lyrics mushed between long tour blogs I post while I’m out here on the road.

Anyways, we are 3/4 of the way through the tour, and I don’t know what to think about it. This has been one of the better tours we have ever been on, but this has also been a tour where I feel as useless as I had 2 years ago.

At one point I took care of everything, I called promoters, I handled cash, I sold merch, I drove. And now, Greg has been doing it all.

I’m not about to complain about him doing a job for us, and doing it well. Its just a weird feeling.

We have been touring with Dr. Acula. They are really fun guys, I’m glad I got to know them, because they are amazing dudes. ALL of them.

This tour has been so good to us, I wonder if soon we will actually start to make money, with the new record coming out, and our fanbase increasing, I’m really optimistic about our future.

Tonight we played in Wilmington, NC at Luckys Pub. Its a good venue, and the show went really well, we didn’t sell too much merch, but there was a decent turnout and the promoter helped me figure out some issues I was having with the power amp I use for my bass.
That makes me very happy, I suppose.

There is about 2 weeks left of tour. Then I get to have a 3 week break before leaving again for awhile. I think I like it better this way. Considering last night I got to hear all about how the country of Canada hates me.

Ill spare the details of that altercation.

On this tour, I have really taken up reading, and re reading some of my favorite books. So far I have read: Invsible Monsters, Snuff and have Re-read Survivor.

Currently I am Re-reading Choke. All of these books are by Chuck Palahniuk, my favorite authur, can’t you tell?

ANYWAYS, this blog is everywhere at once, and prolly really stupid, so ill leave it there for now, ill prolly post some book and movie quotes along with this to just add to the beginning of this new blog and give some insight into what might be going through my mind.


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