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I guess its been awhile since I posted one of these.

I figure its pretty overdue I guess?

I’ve been keeping busy while at home, there are lots of things that need to be done, on top of that, I am back at work.

6am, monday to friday, the daily grind haha. I cant complain though, i love my job at the post office, its just tiring sometimes. its very obviously worth it though. I get paid way more than I should and the hours leave me to be able to get shit done.

We are working on new merch designs and I am coming up with some pretty awesome ideas. I just need to take the time to make them. Alot of people think its easy, what they don’t realize is that its not just the design that needs to be done, they need to make the design sized to print. Which can be hard. Bleh, whatever, I enjoy doing it so who cares.

I spent some time tonight and downloaded a few cd’s I really wanted. Cheesy electronic stuff, like the medic droid. This is my love, I think its so good. I also got the new Emarosa and Cute is What we Aim for records the other day. They are pretty close to amazing.

My bands record came out Yesterday and its doing much better than I had actually thought it would. We have been hearing about stores and Hot topics all over the place that sold out of it by early yesterday afternoon. I mean, all of these stores at most had 5 copies, but still. It makes me feel awesome to know someone in the middle of the states wants to go and pay his money to something I have been putting my hear tinto for the last 2 years.

If you get the chance, please support and just grab a copy of the CD for me. I would realyl appreciate any of my friends who can spare the 13.99 and buy a copy of the record.

I really dont know what else to talk about, I am tired, stressed, strung out and I don’t even want to try to tackle the things that I face past my band. Its just too much.

I am pretty far in Metal Gear, I think I am going to attempt to beat it now.


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