We’ll Never Be As Young As We Are Tonight


So while the PS3 is installing a much needed system update, currently at 4% done, I have nothing better do do than try out my new blogger ap for the Gadget thing on my Windows Vista Laptop.

It seems to be pretty cool, obviously doesn’t come close to using the site, but its definetly alot easier than logging into the site.

Misty, Megan, and I grabbed Eggcetera today, It was good, but filling. Then Misty and I rented “The Brothers Solmon” With Will Arnett. I’ve already seen it, but I figured Misty would love it. I think she plated polite about it, because I felt bad getting a movie she might not like.

Anyways, I got my other Ipod back, Thanks to Sterling for that, there is alot of new Albums on here that I really didn’t realize I had missed. But there are just as many old albums that I miss off of my now lost Ipod. Bummer, I guess I will now work towards getting as much of that back as possible, and going from there.

I got to see my brother tonight, when i got home, the first thing he did was freak out about how long my hair is getting. Everytime I look in the mirror I guess it kind of surprises me aswell. He talked about his new job, and how he is rolling in the dough. I’m sort of proud that he finally buckled down and got a full time job.

Yes, I still dont support that my brother is a 17 yr old dropout, Like me. But he is makign the best of the situation, which I respect.

He showed me a picture of the puppy he bought for almost 700 bucks, and I guess its cute? Its a Bijon Poo, or something like that. I dont know, I dislike dogs, especially ones that look like that.

I cooked the remaineder of my breakfast (2 pieces of french toast) and some microwave pasta, Weird combo, I know, For Matthew and I and we sat and ate it together while we watched “Me, Myself, and Irene” on City Tv.

Im going way to far into detail in this blog, possibly because after typing this whole thing out, the update is only up to 19%, God Damn its taking forever.

Greg sent me some new Tracks to listen to, I guess Ill get them from my email after this, possibly update the ipod and do whatever till I can play Metal Gear some more before bed.

We are hard on the search to find a suitable drummer and guitar player for my band, this gets more tiring everytime. There are so many people who think that being in an established band is easy. Newsflash, it isnt, its an uphill battle.

I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Okay, thats a lie. Everyone hears what I would trade it for pretty often. But I still love it.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddd…….. The updater just fucked up on the download. Thats my cue to say fuck it and play the game without it. All it means is that I cant try the Metal Gear Online game, which I prolly wouldnt have even glanced at anyways.

Im really hoping to sit with Marc and Jordan and write soon. As soon as Possible.

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morgen June 20, 2008 at 7:37 am

you and your video games, you nerd.


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