As soon as we become boring we die. Never ever become boring.


This has been such a hectic week for me, very dramatic in every aspect. Well, not work.

but thats the good thing about my job, its never any different, its the same, monotonous work, day in and day out. The exact same, never anything different, never a crazy story, or anything exciting. Some people may hate that in a job, I don’t. Maybe I will when my whole life becomes a day in day out repeat. But until then the only real stable thing that I have is the post office.

haha, that and the fact that I do only work there for like a month at a time between tours.

People underestimate how hard it is to maintain composure touring like we do. Its a job within itself. There are so many things that can go wrong, and so many things that can throw you offtrack. Personal relationships between the 5 other people you have to live with, dealing with sketchy promoters, eating for 5 dollars or less a day, dealing with van issues.

There are about 10,000 little things that can go wrong with a van that will keep you from getting 2 hours to a show.

Throw that on top of dealing with drama with old members, current members and future members. Its basically a recipe for destruction. But sometimes I feel like I need that too. I need something to be so terribly unstable for me to work to fix it. No matter how much it wont work.

I need a balance of monotony and chaos, to be able to survive.
Mind you, things do get entirely out of hand.

Anyways. enough about that rant there. On to more pressing issues.

After mentioning my thoughs to write a book I cant help but think of quotes from this imaginary book, I can’t remember them all offhand, but I know for a fact that if they ever made print, within a week they will have made it onto somebody’s myspace page.
haha, Call me full of myself, but I actually think this. Not because I’d be an amazing writer. Just because I have this gift where I am able to tell anyone exactly what they want to hear. I can just read people very well, I can flatter anyone. I think I’m kind of like Aaron Eckhart in “thank you for smoking”.

I’m the real life sultan of spin, “Michael Jordan plays ball. Charles Manson kills people. I talk. Everyone has a talent.”

Now, Lesson in life. Is this really how I see myself? Or am I playing it up to make my blog seem that much more interesting? Would I love to see this blog make it huge and become one of the most read on the internet. Yes, I would.

This is my novel. I don’t have time to think of a story, I don’t have time to sit and write it. This “blog” is my best internet read Pulitzer prize.

Somehow I do wonder how these blogs turn so stupid by the end, either way. Enjoy.

Here is another song for you to enjoy

Not Now Chief, I’m in the Fucking Zone – That Was Something

Not Now Chief, Im In The Fucking Zone – That Was Something

“I hate the fact that you and I, could never be good friends ’cause you always did something for me. It’s too bad the first time you hear this will be at the end of the last track on my CD.”

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