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Well its a couple days after being stranded in NJ by the wonderful Greg Moore.

Coward extreme, blaming everyone but himself for his problems. I’m over the fact that I did so many things for him to just abandon me and 2 other dudes and head to virginia with 70 dollars to get a hotel that cost 150.

Not to mention the train costs to get here. But whatever. I just want my recording gear. I just want to go home and make the music that I have wanted for the last year. He wont reply to me, just proves what a sad individual he is I suppose.

After we left the hotel, we went to KFC and got some fancy meals. Along with these meals, we got the Mega Jug Soda’s. A 1/2 Gallon of soda to enjoy for the meal. Thats roughly 2 litres of sugar filled Dr. Pepper.

I know thats my favorite prescription from the doctor.

Monk came and got us after we finished drinking the massive buckets. I beat dylan and finished the whole thing. We came back to his house, and hung out. Carl got a 1.50 40 of malt liquor, so he was happy. Dylan jumped into a bush, thinking it would bounce him in the air. It did not.

Last night we saw the opening of The Dark Knight. It was unreal. I cracked a zombie joke, about 3 seconds too late at the beginning, Needless to say, no one thought it was funny but me.. Oh I did make a Nelson Mandella joke that had a few rave reviews before the movie started.

Today we decided we would go to the City and have some funs. We took the train in, and for somewhere around the 5th time, I took a walk through times square. Very not interesting. Its always what I see when I come here. We decided to take a walk to Toms (Monks) Diner made famous on Seinfeld. We were at 1555 Broadway, and it was at 2880. I figured it would take about a half an hour to walk at most. We walked and walked, and walked. We hit central park and as we just started our walk there, a marathon of people running in their underwear comes past us. It was needless to say, pretty interesting. We made fun of a couple people and called any old men who were wearing shirts cowards.

We continued our trek, walked under a bridge that sent us to another wooded world, I was sure of it. But I was wrong.

As we were about to leave the park, we walked past this black guy talking on the phone and some massive dude in a suit with him, we were talking we didn’t really notice him. We got about 3 steps ahead of him, only to turn around and realize the dude talking on the Bluetooth headset was None other than P-diddy, Puff Daddy, Sean John, Or Sean Combs, whatever he goes by these days. We contemplated asking for a picture, but we didn’t want to interrupt his phone call and be jerks.

We kept walking and about an hour and a half later we made it to The Diner, we got there, took a picture and basically immediately left.
We walked a total of 72 blocks, and we werent walking them back.

We found the subway and took it all the way back to times square. It took all of 10 – 15 minutes.
I don’t regret walking so far though. If it wasn’t for the walk, we wouldn’t have had the awesome adventure.

I like the city. I like to think that it really is the city where you cna make your dream come true. The city where if you try harder than everyone else, you will stand out and come out ontop.

That really isnt all that true though, I would think that there is probably so much less a chance of being ontop in NYC, there are so many people, so many before you, and so many will come when you are gone. People dont want to give you the time of day, they just want your money. They want to suck the life out of you, and kick you aside knowing that when you are gone, there will always be somone waiting in line right behind you.

I know I am too Pessimistic, but whatever.

I am back at Monks house now, I am craving breakfast at The Lyndhurst, my favourite diner.
I’m listening to music, and I am thinking about things. Mark messaged me today, gave me some bad news. But its news that can be made good.

I am excited to say that when I get home I will finally be working on music that I love with a friend that I care about. We talked, and we are on the same wavelength about stuff, which makes me happy.

There are people who make me happy, There are people who make me made, there are people who frustrate me, there are people I don’t want to not see. There are people I dont want to see.

There are things that I am sick of,
There are things that I miss.

Im constantly torn between Point A and Point B, but I suppose that is the battle just about everyone goes through about something at some point. I like being able to be stupid, to be myself, and not worry what will be thought of me. I know I make lame jokes, I know I am a nerd. Im glad that I can be me.

There is a part of me that wants to stay here forever, cause I know nothing is gonna happen if I didnt. But none-the-less, I am having fun, So I will take what I can get.

I’m now finding I’m falling into a terrible mood. I’m going to post this now, just cause I don’t want things to go sour.

I don’t know when I am coming back. And I’m not entirely sure why I don’t know why.

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