So Long, Astoria…


Its been a long time since I made a post, I’ve been really busy. With work, trying to write music, trying to make new bands, trying to figure things out, cooking for myself. There is a lot on my plate, and as I am trying to move forward in my life, I feel like I may be starting to settle.

I was really getting used to that thought until today. I was doing my mail route like any other day, But I decided to listen to a CD I havn’t heard in awhile.

I put on The Atari’s “So Long, Astoria” Record. Right away I remembered that this is one of those CD’s you don’t just forget about. Just about every track on it is a massive Teen anthem. I’m sure it was produced to be that way, seeing as Kris Roe was far past the age of a teenager when the CD was even written.

I got thinking about the lyrics on the CD. There really was an overall theme to the Record. Never giving up on your dreams.

I’ve really been thinking about it a lot the past few hours. I really cant just let this be the end.

I look at my brother and I hear him talk about being content working at the post office. I feel really terrible when I hear that. I know, financially he will be starting better off than most people. But he has never had a dream he held onto, all I’ve ever really seen is him give up.

I can’t be like that, I cant have it be that bleak for myself.

I can’t

With that said, I am working on putting together a new pop punk band with my good buddy and one tour band mate JP Tees. And I have been working hard on making dance music for me to be solo with..

Right now, I have almost 2 full songs, without vocals., and the beginnings of like 4 others.
I don’t know how I feel about them, but I’m gonna press to get them online ASAP, and use them as a working point for newer, better stuff in the future.

Im going to cut this short and go work on some more songs.

In this diary – ataris

Here in this diary,
I write you visions of my summer.
It was the best I ever had.
There were choruses and sing-alongs,
And not a spoken feeling.
I’m knowing that right now is all that matters.
All the nights we stayed up talking
And listening to 80’s songs;
Quoting lines from all those movies that we love.
It still brings a smile to my face.
I guess when it comes down to it…

Being grown up isn’t half as fun as growing up:
These are the best days of our lives.
The only thing that matters
Is just following your heart
And eventually you’ll finally get it right.

Breaking into hotel swimming pools,
And wreaking havoc on our world.
Hanging out at truck stops just to pass the time.
The black top’s singing me to sleep.
Lighting fireworks in parking lots,
Illuminate the blackest nights.
Cherry cokes under this moonlight summer sky.
2015 riverside, it’s time to say, “goodbye.”
Get on the bus, it’s time to go.

Being grown up isn’t half as fun as growing up:
These are the best days of our lives.
The only thing that matters
Is just following your heart,
And eventually you’ll finally get it right.

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