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I have a headache that just refuses to go away.

I’ve had nothing to do all day.
Since I got home, I have just been sitting here.

My brother took the WII up north.
The PS3 is broken. My Xbox is at Misty’s.

I’ve been siting here doing really nerdy things. Like reading up and downloading rare resident evil stuff. I did find out some pretty cool stuff.

There is a RE animated CGI film coming out soon. And there is also a live action Metal Gear Solid movie in the works. I hope its actually good.

I checked out this “new facebook”, I dont like it. Its awkward and lame. I’ll prolly keep it on the new site though. Just so I can get used to it.

I also took a look at the pictures on my facebook. It sort of made me miss things. Playing in a band, being friends with some people.

Its surreal to sit and look at the last two years of my life and see that this is where I ended up. I’m sure I’ll pick up the pieces and move forward. And right now its possibly best to just hang out here and get my shit together. But who knows.

I keep trying to get a hold of kyle and Brian. Both guys seem to be getting my messages and not replying. Perhaps they realised that they really dont want to make music with me…

Which is totally fine, I’m a big boy. But fuck, let me know or something.

I’m starting to think that its going to be close to impossible to actually find people that are wanting to make music with me. Maybe I’ll just move around and see if I can find a band that needs me. Perhaps the whole “joining a band you might not entirely love” thing is just for me.

I don’t know. I just don’t want to do nothing, but I don’t entirely have the means to work alone. Especially since Greg Moore still has my mixer and Mic. I really cant record anything without that stuff, so what can do?

I plugged my sidekick in today to find no emails or texts from anyone. That kind of sucks to find out. I mean, its not like I died. But it sort of overnight seems like people may think that…

I wonder if I should even bother moving the names of all these people to my new phone.

I dont know.

I guess Im going to go watch arrested development now.


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