DSM – The Phsychological Bible


There are a few personality disorders that I may, or may not have. Since I refuse to see a doctor, the truth is that I will probably never know for sure. But really, who knows if this is me better than I would?

A good friend sent this to me a while back, I periodically re-read it, and thought it was time to share. This is just the tip of the iceburg  to get a quick glimpse of what might actually be wrong with me.
– Paranoid
o Mistrust of others’ intentions & motives
o Difficulty in forming & maintaining relationships
o Not to be mistaken with paranoid schizophrenia
o To distinguish: those with Paranoid Personality Disorder do not suffer from delusions and hallucinations

– Schizoid
o Detached from social relationships
o Unemotional- appear cold and uncaring
o No interest in intimacy and in sexual experiences

– Schizotypal
o Feeling uncomfortable during social interactions
o Have cognitive & perceptual distortions
o Believe they have supernatural powers

– Antisocial
o Criminal behaviour
o Violation of other people’s rights
o Reckless, irresponsible, lack of empathy and remorse

– Borderline
o Instability in relationships, self-image, and mood
o Impulsive
o Suicidal
o Self-mutilating
o Displays of inappropriate anger

– Histrionic
o Attention seeking
o Exaggerated expression of emotions
o Inappropriately seductive and proactive to keep attention 
– Narcissistic
o Feelings of superiority, uniqueness & perfection
o Need for admiration and respect
o Behaviour must impair individual’s daily functioning

– Avoidant
o Avoid people and group activities
o Fear of being judged
o Behaviour must impair daily functioning

– Dependent
o Need for affection
o Clingy, submissive, lacking self-confidence, helpless

– Obsessive-compulsive
o Preoccupation with orderliness
o Repetitive, checking behaviour
Some of these scream me, others leave rom for interpretation.
My brother needs a ride to school, Turah.

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