What a weak.


Or should I say, what a few days.

I won’t get into details. But I will say this.

If you think we are close, we aren’t
If you think we are friends, we aren’t.

Please, everyone. Take one step back from me, I need some air.

Work has been piling up. The mail has been coming nonstop, I hope that its just because of Christmas, I don’t think I could handle it year round.

In the last week I have spent like 300 dollars on video games. My favorite right now is Fallout 3. But the problem I have with that is that it has a bug that the game developers need to send a fix for. I’m stuck between 2 doors so I have no way to get around the issue. I can’t play until its fixed.

I was thinking about a lot last night while I was driving. I am working up a theory, I call it “Ernie’s theory of Perceptive Reality”. I’m not a scientist, and I am pretty sure that this has probably already been theorized, but who cares.

Basically its the notion that the reality one persons mind interprets may be slightly to completely different to that of another person. It could be as slight as differences in colour shade, to much bigger ones, like differences in weight and shape.

Think about it. We only see what we see because electrical relays from our eyes tell our brain to interpret what is seen. The whole idea was pretty much the premise of the movie “The Matrix”. No, I don’t believe that we are all actually hooked up to machines and are actually living in a stasis to become “batteries” for our robot overlords. But I do think that what I see as, for example, the colour red, could actually be shades darker or lighter than what you may see as the colour red.

I mean, that is the quick basis of the thought, I don’t have time to do into details, but the fact is that because every human is different, the way we perceive the reality that is placed before us can, and most likely is at least slightly different than anybody else in the world. Its something we will never actually know.

If you can open your mind to thinking about things like that, the possibility of so many more arguments about the way the reality is perceived open up.

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