Why will the smallest things effect me in the largest ways?


I don’t get it. There are do many things in my life that should be able to break me down to nothing. Over time I just look at big issues as if they are nothing, or they will make me barely upset.

The smaller issues always seem to hit me the hardest. Like, what the hell?

Tonight, the dinner issue came up and I suggested going to grab something to make from the grocery store, well the weather is unwell enough that my mother disallowed that notion. I respect her, so we tried to find something in the house.

My Mom doesn’t have the time to make us dinner every night. She tries her best. But what can you do? She buys a lot of frozen food to fill the dinner gap for when there isn’t time.

Well, tonight was a frozen meal night. For me, some sort of pasta with shrimp and veggies like eggplant and tomato. As far as frozen dinners look, it seemed pretty decent.


It came out some sort of mush that had pasta and shrimp tangled in it.

I ate most of it, and am still hungry, I’ll probably just make myself some egg noodles in olive oil and salt to try and fill me/cheer me up.

My terrible meal has upset me, like real depression.

its a fucking meal, like what the hell.

Oh, and there is a message on my home phone from whatever cracked out barfly my father is fucking now. Aparently he is like dying….or something.

that doesnt seem to bother me as much as the bad dinner though.

See what I mean?

Ps – The only thing I like about the New Kanye album so far is that the drums are entirely 808’s.

pps – thats a lie. I also love that most people have no idea what 808’s are.

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