My Jaw hurts. I want more Rebull.


Red bull is the most thirst quenching drink available today. I really do wish they made a variety that didn’t have all the crap to keep you awake, I really just love how it tastes.

I know that in the states there is a new red bull cola, I really wish I had tried some, I bet its wonderful.

All I want for Christmas is….

As many Arnold Palmer Half and Half Iced Tea As I can Get (In Original AND *NEW* Pomegranate!!)

A Case Of Red bull Cola

A Roland TR-808 Drum Machine

-A Cool Leather Jacket
-Dress Shirts (THAT FIT)
-A Long Sleeved Cardigan (To Wear Over the Dress shirts ONLY)
-New Kicks (Shoes)

And for some reason, a pullover hoodie with a vintage Adidas logo.

I really can’t think of much anything else.

I mean, I would also like a good Moog synth, an SM58 mic, and other stuff. But thats boring sound production stuff.

Oh, and my jaw hurts because I have been singing for the last 2 hours, I figured that even though I can’t record doesn’t mean I cant practice.

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