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I got the code for my cubase this morning, that means that after I got home from work, I immediately starting working on new music. Well, maybe not NEW music, but music.

An email conversation I had with a former band member today opened my eyes to something I could do. I think I may start managing bands. It sort of came as a joke of me saying I would make a mixtape for myself and create a fake manager to promote it.

(To Listen to the work so far click HERE)

It will needless to say be that, only I might try to help out a couple other bands while I do it. Nothing too serious. Maybe charge bands 5% of their total income, so say, they are on a tour and they make $100 a show in guarantee, and say $200 in merch, I would make $15 bucks. Nothing Special, but on a tour with say 30 shows, I would make (using the previous mentioned formula for every show) I would make $450. I think that is pretty fair, especially since the bands would only have to pay me while they were making money.

I don’t know, its a thought. I’m going to see if I can sign on any talent that would be worth the effort to manage.

I listen to too much radio music, scratch that, not enough radio music. I have spent like 30 bucks on music on itunes in the last 3 days. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

I was going to go to the mall and look at the jacket I saw and thought I might like today….But I decided I wanted to wear sweatpants to work…

Well, there goes doing anything outside of work.


I never leave my house anymore, at all.

I do think that tomorrow I will be making some fancy chicken stuff I saw on Guys Big Bite last weekend. Be stoked for pictures tomorrow, in my cooking blog, of course.

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