you worry about the wrong things.


I just finished up Survival Mode on Metal Gear online for the Night.

I hadn’t played for the longest time, ever since I got my xbox back on my birthday I was playing online with that.

Hands down though, MGO is still my favorite game to play online.

I found out one of my Christmas presents. Well, my mother told me, because I had to help her get it. came into a lot of limited Kojima Bundle Special Edition Ps3’s.

Basically it is the regular 40 Gig ps3 system, only its Gunmetal Grey instead of glossy black.

Oh, and it was limited to 9000 bundles made worldwide.

so its like a ps3, only better.

She had to have it shipped in the states though, and she needed me to find someone to do it.

I also bought a shirt online tonight.

I’m pretty stoked on that as well.

Still listening to Kanye like there is no tomorrow. Funny enough that I think if there was no tomorrow, I would be listening to this CD. Its a well rounded record, and its really nice to listen and think that the most arrogant person involved in music is human and can produce something very personal and emotional. I also have decided without the autotune, this record wouldn’t be the same. It adds to the element of the entire record.

I havn’t been making music lately. I get ideas, but never when I am on a computer to be able to put them down. That and work is killing me.

I’m so glad its the weekend.

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