I just finished watching the Documentary “Religulous” by Bill Mahr

Its a movie I have been wanting to see for quite a long time. Though I think that when the movie first came out in theatres (sometime in the summer) I was slightly more ignorant towards the views of religious tolerance and was more or less looking to see a movie that totally made light of peoples beliefs and would help open peoples eyes to a “joke” that faith in an organized religion is.

The movie is basically that. It is an extremely biased look into Christianity mainly, but does touch on many major religions among some of the less popular ones (Cannibsm for example). The faith of people are put in question, some in very offensive ways. Though through all of the film, the end puts things into perspective and a little thought will calm any offence the film would give.

The first thing to look at is that, Bill Mahr is a comedian, and an actor. Of course the movie would then take a slightly more dramatic and offensively comedic approach to the issue. Even Micheal Moore would crack some jokes in his documentaries to people who didn’t entirely appreciate it.

The perspective the end of the movie placed in me was in the form of a monologue. Tying the entire movie together the theme was revealed. Not that God and faith is wrong or stupid, but that the religion that so many people are fighting in the name of is causing the rapture.

It places the idea that if people were to take a non literal stance on the issues and were to smarten up and look at themselves, the world would be much better…essentially.

Its 1am and I feel my thoughts aren’t making it onto paper quite as well as I hoped. In either account, the movie is worth at least watching on the internet, there are some funny jokes, and in the end you’ll be surprised that amongst the jokes and patronization made by Bill Mahr, he actually has a point to prove. And I think he drives at point home.

I also watched a 6 part retrospective on the Metal Gear series up until MGS 4.

It was awesome.

Oh, and my Air Force 1’s came in this morning. and I spent an hour re-lacing them after work.


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