a little over two weeks….


I finally bathed.

I don’t know why it took so long, and I don’t know why I finally got around to doing it today. I don’t feel any different, not happier, not sadder. Maybe less tired, but that is all.

I am currently sitting here typing this all out with my computer hooked up to my television. I am waiting while the episode of “Fringe” I am watching loads.

I figured I was overdue for a post, though I don’t have much to say. I’m frustrated, but I can’t say why. It sucks, sucks, sucks. but its not killing me. I figure it was inevitable, just lame to see it happen just like I figured.

Ah well, another day I suppose.

I took that out of sheer boredom, and of just thinking how trippy putting two mirrors facing each other and watching them reflect each other into infinity is.

This is pretty much the digital form of that. haha.

My windbreaker came today, and my gameboy came yesterday. I am trying to get my hands on a copy of LSDJ (Little Sound DJ) for my gameboy, its the same program that Nullsleep uses to make his music. I would just sort of like it to, fool around with.

Anyways, enough of the episode is loaded to continue on.
I’m going to get back to that.

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