They call me U-S H-E-Wait thats wrong…


Alright. Its midnight, I caught up on the last week or so of the Colbert Report, and The John Stewart show. My thing is that I don’t watch T.V. on the regular, well not regular enough to set a time I am going to watch.

So, I will purposely miss out on a few episodes, and then catch up all at once. It’s just like, a half hour of each show isn’t enough for me, so I wait until I have about an hour or so (without commercials) worth of program to watch.

Its like watching a couple short movies, I guess.

Work is so freaking tiring. Like winter is taking the worst toll on me.
I hate the snow, I hate the salt on my nice car, I hate the water that fills my shoes. I hate how itchy it makes me. But the thing I think I dislike the most, is that the snow freezes my feet, so I turn on the floor heater in my car, which heats the inside up. Then I won’t notice how hot it is until I get nauseous. SO I turn it off. And my feet freeze.


In short, I can’t wait till spring to clean my car out, and vaccum the shit of the floor.

Just for a shameless plug on my “Bawling” ride, here is a picture.

2004 Lincoln LS – Luxury Model

haha. I have started to notice the views on my profile go up faster than usual. That is something new, I don’t know if it records the people who come to my blog, or the people who click the picture and go into my profile. But, whatever it is. I have had over 16 views since a couple days ago. Nothing earth shattering, but I have people who read this.

Which in a weird way, helps me to get writing in this more. But everyone knows me, I love the attention.

Anyways. Today I went to the mall, trying to kill time, because I couldn’t get a hold of my brother who I knew needed a ride home. I didn’t want to get comfortable at home and then have to drive back into town.

I ended up at HMV, where I had a conversation about recording methods with Earl (A former co-worker, from my glory days as an HMV employee) and programs. He just recently got married and he either has a child on the way, or its here. Either way. Good for him, he always was a great dude.

While I was at HMV, I went through most sections, but stuck around the R&B Section the most. I wanted a new record to be able to play through my car stereo (The FM transmitter does my stereo no justice at all). I ended up getting Ushers “My Way” and “8701” packaged together for 10 bucks, There is no linear notes and the case is lame, but I figure if I eventually want them for any sort of “collection” then I’ll just shell out for copies that wont be kept in my car. I also bought Ne-Yo’s “Year of the Gentleman”, and Flight of the Conchords Self titled record (I just needed to be able to hear robots in my car).

Until next friday, that will be the extent of the money I am spending. On Monday, my car is getting a tune-up, and an engine coil replaced, to the tune of 700 bucks. Needless to say, that is dangerously close to cleaning me out completely, and I still need gas and coffee money for work. I really gotta stop partying, woo, party…all the time.


Fuck my anti-social life.

I also Pre-ordered Resident Evil 5 for my Xbox. I ordered it for Xbox because there will be online Co-op, and I know that XBL has much more people than the PSN. I paid for it in full, and asked if it was “the special edition that comes with the messenger bag”. The idiots at EB had no idea. If it isn’t, I’ll lose my mind. If they got my order right, then I paid 90 bucks to get all this:

Anyone who knows me can guess how stoked I am for March 14th/09

I am also getting game pictures and concept art together for my left sleeve.

I’m really stoked because I am actually thinking this one out before I get it done.

haha. Thats a new one for me.

Stoked on all my new R&B CD’s.

I’m not in the mood to talk about my human/robot feelings.
Not tonight.

Die Hard, Sleep. Goodnight.

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