A Teenage Vow in a Parking lot.


Allergy season is coming pre-maturely this year.
Had to buy benadryl.

I hate taking pills.

I actually left my house and hung out with a group of people for once. It was fun, I’m still self conscious about the way I am in those groups. I laugh too hard at jokes, I make lame joked and I feel like I’m just a really lame elephant ruining everyone else’s fun.

Though, nothing gave me that impression. Its just the way I feel.

I shaved my goatee off, now I am back to a mustache, but I think I’ll shave that tonight too. Especially since its not really a mustache anyways.

I love Chipotle. So glad there is one in Toronto now.

New York on Thursday, my brother is really excited. My friend Kyle is coming to hang with us, which means, pictures! ha ha.

I might start back into writing music for myself soon. But I don’t know what to do.

I want to be in a band again. I miss it.

Oh, and Jordan and I decided that it isn’t sex if the guy cant cum.

That means I am almost a Virgin!

Fuck my life.

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