I’m a monkey in a long line of kings.


Power up the iTunes and turn off the television. I am overdue for a blog with any substance.

It’s been so long, I don’t even know where to start or what to say. I suppose I will start with my daily issue with people.

Do people understand that when you delete someone from something (social networking site, MSN/AIM, your cellphone) that there is usually a reason for it? I mean, sometimes there isn’t a reason. But really, most of the time it’s that the person just doesn’t hold any point or substance to being in your life, so they might as well not exist in whatever database you are removing them from. I don’t think that people get that. Take for example, a person who I removed from my Facebook account months ago.

Yes, I went on a mass delete spree and I removed most people from it. I had my reasons, for some, and for others, they were just taking up space I didn’t care for them to take.

There is a few people who have tried to re-add me once, thinking that there was a mistake and they just wanted to correct it. There are fewer people that have tried to re-add me multiple times, thinking that maybe one time I won’t think and I will just accept them.

There is one person who has tried to re-add me a record breaking 5 times now. Every time, they never ask why I won’t accept, they just take their chances in adding me. This bothers me. A lot. Do people really need to just have one more person that they know, have encountered a few times, or used to know on their friends list just because Facebook thinks they MIGHT know them?

When new people add me on Facebook, this is the formula I follow:

-Check the Add, go to their profile, see where they live.

-Accept or Deny the add

-(If) Accepted, go to my profile page, and remove the news feed saying that we are friends

-Check to see if I know them (If I didn’t know by name)

-Message them, or allot a time frame (mentally, I don’t keep a creepy notebook on this stuff) for them to contact me in some form.

-Quickly lurk pictures to see if they are at least bearable to look at (Guys OR Girls, I don’t like uggo’s)


-If they reply to message/contact me, check and see if they are at least semi intelligent/able to keep a conversation.

-If they cannot keep a conversation/If they do not contact me, Delete.

-If they are friends with people I do not like, Delete (so my news wont ever end up in the feeds of people I dislike)

-If they are boring, Say something that sarcastically makes fun of them, usually something that wont sound insulting until they realize I have deleted them, and Delete.

Almost all roads end in the person who added me being deleted.

And then, the person messaging me the next time they try to lurk me, asking what happened. I will either laugh and say i deleted them, or not reply at all. I don’t know why I bother going through all of these actions instead of just deleting them when they add, but I spend a lot of time on Facebook and on the computer, so I guess this method is a much better way to kill time.

Even as I type this I am staring off against my wall and not paing attention to the words that I am typing. I am listening to Matt Good’s “Hospital Music”. A record that I regret having bought on iTunes rather than just getting a physical disk.

Thats the problem with iTunes, its convinient, but you dont get artwork, you don’t get the satisfaction of having a CD case that you can line up and show off for people when you have company. You can never, ever, EVER open the hard drive and say “Look at how much ________ I have, impressive huh?”

Unless its Asian porn, I suppose. But even then, you would need terabytes of Porn to make an impact on someone. Hahah.

I don’t know what I have got myself to rambling on about now, but lets move to a subject with more structure.

Yesterday morning I got a call from the local EB Games (a Subsidiary of Game Stop Retailers Inc.) saying that my pre-order of F.E.A.R 2 – Project Origin was there and ready for pickup. I finished work and headed over to the mall. I went to Starbucks and grabbed myself a Venti Lactaid Peppermint Mocha, and headed to EB. I grabbed the game and slowly strolled through the mall, drinking my lactose free beverage. I laughed to myself at all the middle aged Middle Eastern Men that would stare at my tattoo’s (I was in a teeshirt, it was a very nice day), more than anyone else, and for longer periods of time.

I ended up back in the Chapters, first reading a couple magezines, the first, I believe was one focused on Mac products, and the next a recording studio magezine. This then lead to me looking for books to help me with recording and my home studio. This lead to the computer section (after the music section yeilded 0 results), which lead to me asking one of the employees for anything on sound engineering and music production.

10 minutes later and the only book found was titled “Home Recording For Musicians For Dummies“. I immediately dismissed the book, and was holding on while I thanked the women for looking so hard for me, waiting for her to leave so I can ditch out on th book ASAP. As if I want to look like a n00b who owns a guitar and thinks he is gonna record the next huge single in his room, all thanks to the book. I’ll admit it was ignorant to think like that. Give me a break, it was a “For Dummies” book.

The women saw my disgust in the book and assured me that even though it looked completely stupid, that most of those books were written by renown authors, and the “for dummies” was just thrown on by the publisher to help it sell.

I decided to at least check it out, turns out she was right. It’s already helped me out quite a bit, and I am only 100 pages in (of about 350). I’ll spare any other detail on that. I also bought “Arcade Mania: The Turbo-Charged World of Japan’s Game Centers” by Brian Ashcraft. I have read the first couple chapters and I must say that it is an awesome read for any game freak who misses the arcades of our youth.

Check it out. Good Read.

Tonight I finished Lost: Season 3, on DVD. I must say that I never thought that I would like the show with all its craziness after first season, but I do. I just hope that season 4 doesn’t lost many more characters, and introduce new people to the mix. *Fingers Crossed*

I am starting to feel too tired to type, and I have run out of things to say. So perhaps this is the not I will leave the blog on, for tonight. I am 8 songs into Hospital Music, and I am really glad that I re-downloaded it (after “upgrading” my music to DRM-Free).

As for the way things are going in my life, there are thngs that I am liking, and there are things that disappoint and bother me. Some of the things are obvious, some aren’t as much. My mind is in too many places at once, or not enough, I can’t tell. I am hungry, and I think I will eat something before bed.

I refuse to blog about specific conflicts with people in my life, because unlike some people, when I say that I would like to keep things discreet, or between us, I actually do it.

The way I phrased that makes it seem like it was an admittance to something.

It’s not.

Sorry Girls A,B,J,Y,K,#,8,} and anyone I missed, I don’t play that game.


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