Let my love loose again.


I am at a loss for how I should have my hair cut, I know its bordering absolute insanity with the way it looks now. Anytime I ask anyone how I should cut it I get the same thing:

And yeah, I look great, better than great, perfect maybe?

Just kidding, I’m not NEARLY that full of myself. But really, do I just want to look the same as I always used to? Would that look good with the glasses I have to now wear everyday? Will I look like an adult with my hair cut like this? When I dress in anything classier than a hoodie and jeans, will that hair look absolutely ridiculous? Like a kid on his way to Christmas Mass?

I know, its just hair, and I don’t want to sound like a chick. But I want to know what my New (Nu) Look will be. HELP ME GOD!

If you have any suggestions please let me know. I’m so so lost.

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