right now I’ll take what I can get, out of my life.


Today is my brothers birthday.

I didn’t get him anything, well technically.

I am taking him to New York City next weekend. It is the only place cheap enough to take him for a little bit of adventure. I tried to get tickets to the Colbert Report, but I found out that not only is it booked, apparently for the rest of the year, but it isn’t filmed on friday’s. So there goes that.

But he is still excited, which is cool.

It should be fun.

I am in a really weird mood. Melancholy, but tipping towards feeling like crap. I don’t know why, there isn’t anything that should make me upset. But I suppose that the way it goes is that if there isn’t anything to make me happy that its just aswell I’d automatically feel like crap.

I’ve been sleeping terrible this weekend.

I can’t write music. I want to be in a band again.


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