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What a week it has been already,

I am glad to say it has been quite alright. Though who knows what tomorrow will bring? I have to take my car in and get it checked for the issue I have been having with the airbag light, that sucker just wont turn off.

I got yesterday off, which was AWESOME. I think that my favorite part about getting a day off isn’t even the time off from work, it’s that it actually shortens my work week by one day. Sure, it’s just logic, but in a way its like 2 holidays.

I re-rented Skate 2 yesterday, I went to blockbuster and was just too tired of FPS (First Person Shooters), so I just grabbed Skate. I also wanted to check out Afro Samurai, but the problem was that they only had it for PS3, which isn’t really a problem, other than the fact that everyone knows that I am a Gamerscore fiend. If I don’t beat it on Xbox 360, I can’t get the Gamerscore, now can I?

Turns out that the game rules, Samuel L. Jackson does one of the voices in it, and he is vulgar as a motherfucker. The soundtrack was also done by The Rza (Wu-Tang Kiddies) and its absolutely incredible. The gameplay is great, but the camera angles could have been better. Lots of gore, 2 thumbs up.

I flossed today. Something I don’t do as often as I would like to/should. I love the feeling of a good flossing. Is that awkward? I’ve been sitting all night picking at my gums with my fingernail after flossing because I like the way the sensitivity feels…

I also sat and watched like 10 episodes of The Colbert Report today. With the new surround sound I can actually plug my laptop into it and it will play the sound through speakers that aren’t on my computer. So when I plug it into my TV, it isn’t frustrating as Hell. I even downloaded an App on my phone that lets me use the iPhone’s Screen as a track pad for my laptop, so I don’ have to get up to change the episode, or control anything on the computer, for that matter.

Otherwise today was pretty good, I got Starbucks. A Venti Lactaid Peppermint White Mocha was the drink of choice today. I hope they just open one on North end soon so it isn’t a 20 minute drive to get me a good Latte. A Second Cup would be just as good. I’m not picky.

Over the last couple days I have been getting deep into 8-bit dance music. Right now I am listening to Trash80. You can download their stuff at www.8bitpeoples.com, but you wont.

If you want to be lazy, head over to my myspace page and listen to my profile song. Don’t worry, if I don’t have you/deleted you, you can still listen. It’s really good, I PROMISE.

I’m pretty tired, and need to be done work early enough to get to the shop, so I will be going now.


PS –

I Bought This Today, AMAZING Movie.

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