Ever feel like you need a change?


I’ve been thinking. A lot. Today especially.

Maybe its just my mind wandering, maybe it’s the fact that I can never be happy with anything I have. But today, I am really missing California. Like, REALLY missing it.

To the point where I have started looking into how I might go about moving there, working there, living there. Be it as a temporary change, or a permanent one.

I’m sure its just the sad ramblings of my weekly breakdown, or attention seek. But the thought of actually staying there for more than a week is a thought that I really find intriguing. Finding a place to live that I could afford wouldn’t be too hard, I’ve seen places that are within the price range I can imagine in my head. Though I obviously wouldn’t be able to afford the things I can now. I highly doubt that I could ever find work making as much money as I do.

So it has sort of come down to me pondering if I am really happy being able to live an above average life (financially), or if I might be better suited to possibly struggle, or just work a lot more in a setting that I might be able to enjoy more.

Bah, this is all probably just the ranting’s and raving’s of a person who longs to live the summer away in a van, getting stuck in whatever state, and not having to deal with any issue’s at home. Perhaps that was my home, and I have been longing for it ever since?

I feel as if I am being a tad overdramatic, or trying to be poetic or something. I am not. I just really like California.

And Hey, riding Space Mountain whenever I felt like it really seems like a bunch of fun for me, no?

Just look at the fun THEY’RE having.

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