I held my breath as I watched you swing then run your fingers through your hair.


Well, its been a weekend and I have yet to post a blog about anything. Not as if I ever post anything of any real world relevance anyways.

I spent the weekend in New York City, well, technically Lyndhurst, NJ. We stayed at my good friend Anthony’s house and took the train into the city everyday (MUCH cheaper than getting a hotel). It was fun, we saw some sights, took a few pictures, ate food. I bought some new shoes, and my brother got a lot of cigarettes. We hung out with Anthony, Jeff, Jeff’s (Homeless?) Broad, Sara, and Sam. It was nice to see some friends that I had thought I would never see again after LR. It was really nice.

Every time I go to NY, its like I can’t leave without seeing someone without some type of fame, last time it was P-Diddy, and this time my brother spotted Al Roker walking past us on Broadway while we headed towards Central Park. I think its at least a little funny.

Here is a picture of the park, at the stairs that are in Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

On saturday we went to The Tank in Manhattan for an 8-bit show. It was pretty sweet, by the end of the first bands set there were way too many people in there. Way over capacity guaranteed, though it was a really small venue. They mentioned a show this month featuring Nullsleep and Trash80. Needless to say that I will be going back for that show, as they are both my favorite 8-bit musicians.

We came home on Sunday, Monk, Sara, and Sam saw us off. It was nice, last time there wasn’t anyone, sometimes its nice to know that people are going to miss you. But whatever.

I got stuck next to a wing wong from NYC until Buffalo, so needless to say that I didn’t sleep a minute the entire 9 hour overnight drive. We got back to Toronto, took the subway to the Bus Station, and my brother got lost having a smoke/going to Starbucks.


We got back to Guelph and I went straight to work. Worked all day, Got to bed at hour 25 of being awake straight.

it sucked.

I guess thats all I got for now.

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