I’m gonna take action into my own hands


I opened this thinking that I was going to have a bunch to say, but really I don’t think I have anything. I went into work earlier than usual today, but for some reason I got done later than I usually do?

Tres bizarre if you ask me, which you didn’t?

When I reactivated my sk in NY I started going on AIM and MSN more, just because of the convenience of it. Its just not the same on the iPhone, when you have to close and open an app again and again instead of running all of the things at once, like on a computer.

There are a lot of people I don’t talk to that are on my list still, I haven’t deleted, for no reason really. But when I read their names I wonder what its like for them, to not have me be a part of their life anymore.

A person can’t help but wonder the impact they have on the world when a person is able to move on with their life as if never knowing you. And not knowing if they think of you still after so long, in ANY way cannot be found without re-opening the bag that the whole situation between you two ended because of.

Don’t ask me what I am rambling on about, I know I am not making any sense. I am pretty tired, which is a new one for me at 11:09 pm.

I bought the Apple Time Capsule Tonight, the new updated version was released this week and the router in my room is utter balls, always disconnecting, making me get up and reset it. So I caved, said fuck it, and charged the 339.00 dollar router/backup server hard drive system. I wont lie, I am a little excited for it.

I am a fanboy, what do you expect?

See what I mean?

Also: I took this picture while we were waiting for the bus in Toronto last thursday. The Windbreaker grew on me as an actual piece of clothing I would wear regularly.

Shower time/Cocoa while I bathe.

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