It’s just not me to wear it on my sleeve.


Well, I saw Watchmen last night, I bit into the hype built around the movie, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it.

I hate that I am going to be one of those n00bz that check out the comic after seeing the movie, but what can I say? Comic books are the one thing that as a nerd I am not entirely into. All the reading would just take away from my videogame playing. But whatever, I really liked the layout of the movie, and I enjoyed all of the parts where critics have said the movie falls short.

Its a refreshing change to the genre, and I’ll leave it at that.

Today, I woke up around 1:30, and I just lied in bed. I didn’t get out of bed until around 4:30/5, the whole time I lied here I did nothing. Well, I checked my phone a bunch, but I couldn’t bring myself to even just turn on the TV so I could at least watch The Chappelle’s Show. I don’t get it, I feel as if I am slipping back into my old ways. Ways where, for no particular reason, I find myself completely lost and depressed. I used to think it was just the fallout of having to adjust to a “normal” life after the band. But its been over 6 months, so what could it be?

I’ve also been drinking a LOT of cocoa lately, like 2-3 a night. My mother bought this pack of 6 different kinds and I was intrigued. Hands down one of the best Cocoa’s I have had before, and thats mixed with water. If I would not be lazy and boil some milk……Damn, my life might just be complete.

I m pretty sure that that was Dark Chocolate. Along with dark there are also : Raspberry Dark, Vanilla, Caramel, Supreme (Milk), and Mint.

All of them are extremely enjoyable. I have had 2 tonight already and I am sure I will make another right before I choose to go to sleep.

There is pictures up of the “LIFERUINER ’09” lineup. I wouldn’t normally even bother mentioning this ever saddening joke. But there is a noteworthy factor in that the band has officially replaced Jonny OC with an even creepier, even OLDER dude. I have to hand it to them, because AJ used to kiss my ass when I was in the band. Unfortunately, the dude is like 30, and I was the bass player in LIFERUINER. How pathetic do you have to be to kiss the ass of an 18 year old who plays BASS.

‘Nuff Said bout Dat.

I really have nothing much else to blog about tonight. My Time Capsule will be here on Monday (Thank You Fed Ex) and I couldn’t be more stoked. I love getting new Tech. I am way too much of a nerd, plus being able to use the net for 15 minutes without having to reset the broken router might be a nice change.

I just caved and clicked a myspace promotion for MSTRKRFT, and this has got to be like, the second (or first) time I have actually taken the time to listen. It’s … interesting. I can’t tell if I like it yet.

I want to get out more, I want to feel less like an abnormal scab (I don’t know where that simile comes from), I just feel I need to be more “adult”?

Then again, what could be more adult than takin’ ‘er easy after a long day of working hard to pay your bills and not going out and having fun? Maybe I overshot and I’m just middle aged now?

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