So Let Me Get This Straight.


I changed the name of my blog, I figured it was time to change it up from the same old Boys Night Out Lyrics to something else. I have settled with a little Anberlin. Though I am sure that this will lead to me renaming my blog on a semi-regular basis now.

I have been listening to tons of Anberlin and stuff lately. I bought “New Surrender” on iTunes last night (Yes, I do actually buy music). It has already sort of given me some inspiration for lyrics and vocal patterns that I could use. Now I just need to commit to getting these ideas down on paper, and get started writing music.

I posted on my friend Zack’s wall today about getting proactive on writing some music that could lead to a new band in the future, and he is down to jam with me. The key player in his band David is also interested in getting some jammage in. I took a listen to their band today, and I have to say that its actually awesome. Its sort of like a more indy styled version of Panic! At the Disco, It caught me off guard to be honest. Here is the myspace, Seriously, give it a listen.

Dancehall Free For All

They just put out a new CD, seriously, just buy it.

Anyways, enough shameful promotion for one message. The sound I have in my head for some new music is something along the lines of Anberlin, Atari’s (Old), Men Women & Children, New Found Glory (Old), and a bunch of others I cant think of off the top of my head. I don’t know, I am just really starting to fee this void from not doing anything. I really just need to start to try and do something. Hopefully something that my peers can at least respect.

That was the biggest problem I had with the other stuff I was making. I liked doing it, but I feared heavy ridicule from my peers and former friends. It was a different sound, it was a lamer sound. I couldn’t justify the work I was putting into it, which is just depressing. But I guess people must have laughed when Breathe Carolina first came out with their music. But those chicks are making tons of money now.

I just didn’t want to be compared to that. Or Hometown Beat down.

So I don’t know, I am too lazy to learn how to play the guitar on top of the other things I have been learning (Yes, I am TRYING to be productive). This seems like the only way to get to making some music and just feeling less useless. Nothing serious, for now, just something to keep me from sitting on the computer when I get home from work at 2pm for 6 hours until I fall asleep and then wake up at 1am only so that I can not sleep and sit writing useless blogs on the internet.

Was that a run on sentance? Probably.

My friend Dylan is leaving for about a month and a week of tour. It will be his first real tour, Throughout the US and all that. I really hope he has fun.

I think I am stopping bye the D&D show tomorrow night. God, I really hope I don’t run into people I hate.

What a good joke. Of course I will, I hate everyone! EFF MY ELLLLLE

I hate myself for saying that.

Me driving home from work the other day.

Elmo staring at me in bed about 20 minutes ago. LUFF HIM.

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compton March 28, 2009 at 12:58 pm

Elmo is a cutie and I’m glad I’m not the only person that actually buys music… all of my friends make fun of me for it.

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