We got older, but we’re still young.


Its 12:02, its friday. I wish I was in Strausburg (I think), Virginia right now.

There is a best buy that is doing a midnight release of RE:5, complete with a haunted house and zombies! Call me lame, but that is the red carpet that I would prefer to be on above any others.

I can’t wait to get off work and go pick up my copy, I pre-ordered it in January, 2 months early. Can’t you tell I am excited? I have pretty much been waiting somewhere close to 3 years for this. Epic.

I havn’t been sleeping much this week at all, infact last night was the first night I was able to get more the 4 steady hours of sleep without waking up, not being able to get back to sleep, or having a nightmare. Considering I barely remember my dreams to begin with, I have been having an abnormally high amount of them lately.

Therefore, I can only come to the deduction that I am being haunted by the ghost of either:

1) Patrick Swayze

2) Dr. Janosz Poha

or 3) Ghost Writer

Either way, I hope this spirit will either peace, and let me sleep. Though I would prefer that it reveal itself to me and give me an exciting adventure to go on in order to save the day.

See what no sleeping has done to me? DO YOU SEE THIS.

The reality is that something, I am guessing the sleep deprivation, is wreaking havoc on my “emotions”.

My whole drive home tonight, I just listened to Owen, and pondered. I am not even sure what of. Then when I got home, I sat with my car off for 15 minutes before I even got out. In the dark, feeling my car get colder. Now I seem, fine? finer? Betterer? I don’t know the adjective to describe, but I know I am not sitting alone in the dark moping.

Allie said that she thinks I have Cyclothymia. Seems logical.


Anyways, I think I am going to make noodles and a cocoa and get in bed to watch the rest of Dexter Season 1 and maybe get some rest for my zombie killing weekend.

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allison j. March 12, 2009 at 11:48 pm

I lol’d @ Patrick Swayze. I would have probably laughed at Ghost Writer too but I guess I’m too young to understand.

little lady March 15, 2009 at 1:11 am

when I get home, you know what we’ve got to do.

Misty Blue March 15, 2009 at 9:02 am

are you kidding me?

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