We will make history tonight.


Since I posted the profile tracker on the 22nd, I have had 55 hits on my blog.

Though I know that about 5 of them have been me checking the page to see how many hits I have. But I guess I will post an update. I wonder if these people are just passing through my blog, or if they are genuine readers. Perhaps I should take the time and try to decipher the places that people who visit the blog are from, I don’t know why, but it reads my IP as Ottawa.

I have been listening to a lot of old CD’s, well ever since I dumped my old ipod onto my Mac. Mostly old pop punk albums that I would listen to a lot on tour I forgot about. A lot of Acceptance, Atari’s, Anberlin, and other “A” bands (Aparently).

I have to say that “So long, Astoria” has got to be one of the most pivotal albums of my youth. I have said it before in this blog, but listening to it as often as I do, it really instills that point in myself. It’s a total collection of teen anthems, and I really wish that the band had stayed on that path.

Last night I sort of got down on myself, as always, for no particular reason. This time I ended up in bed with all the lights off, staring at the wall, for like, an hour. Then I got up and ate the most ridiculous combination of food I could. I ended up eating butterfingers mini chocolate bars with oreo wafers and pocky sticks. Wash it down with a glass of milk and like 3 dill pickles, and that was my before bed meal.

Today my brother and I got into a massive argument. I will spare the details because its not my job to broadcast his life over the internet without his permission. All I will say is that the argument spawned out of me being concerned for the way he is treating his body and how even the most harmless seeming things can be deadly. He didn’t like my approach and got on the offensive. His definition of being on the offensive is to remind me of the numerous ways I have failed to do anything in my life.

Anyone who knows me knows that of all things, calling me a failure is the one way to make me upset. Unfortunately, I rarely get upset with him. Instead I get infuriated.

This almost resulted in a fist fight infront of my house, then on the highway into town, then in the post office parking lot, then at my mail case. It was a stressful morning, to say the least.

I was lackluster in my work ethic today and I really took my time to get done. There was barely any mail, so I should have been done much earlier than I was.

I don’t know what else to talk about, I am a boring guy these days, I haven’t even been playing many video games. I’m really letting my internet community down.

Oh well, Deal with it. I am sure I will have something pointless to talk about tomorrow.

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