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I’m sitting here, on a Saturday night, listening to Limp Bizkit, inbetween power outages, and I am thinking that it is time for a new blog post.

I woke up today at like 1:30 or something, pretty bad considering that I fell asleep last night around 11:30. For those too lazy to add that up, thats a sleep totaling somewhere close to 14 hours. I mean I did wake up twice, for all of 2 minutes each. Either way, whatever.

I follow the Tech Columnist for the New York Times on twitter, his name is David Pogue. He is a very interesting, charismatic person. He is one of a few people I am starting to realize I have Man-crushes on. The other very obviously being Stephen Colbert, which has been an ongoing love affair for a couple years now. haha.

Anyways, so David Pogue is writing a book called “The World According To Twitter”. The basic premise of the book is that he will post questions on twitter and then take all the of the best 140 (actually 133 with the @Pogue attached to each response) Character responses and put them in the book. Get more info on it HERE.

I think its a really original idea, and I like to see the responses people send in.

Well today I decided to reply to one of his questions, just to participate in the communal spirit and all. Well the question he posted was “Compose a haiku that tells your life story”. I replied with a haiku I wrote off the top of my head:

Living the same day,
Always give but not receive,
Life of a mailman.

I have never really been that into haiku poems, I don’t really find them all that interesting, and I have never read one that was really moving in any way. But I suppose that there has to be a market for them. It is a form of poetry going back like, thousands of years or something.

ANYWAYS. When the rain hit, my power went out today, about 20 minutes into the power loss. My phone buzzed. I had a new email. I go to open it, and its from twitter, telling me that David Pogue sent me a direct message.

Right away I was taken back. The guy has 222,184 people following him on twitter. As if I was one of the people he would reply to.

Well, he did, he sent me a message that said, “Wow.. such a GREAT haiku…!”. I really hope that this means it will be featured in his book. it would just be a cool thing to be able to say. I am way more stoked that someone I respect took the time to show me some “props”. I like stuff like that.

Other than that, I really havn’t done anything notably interesting today. I went and got chicken wings with Misty, and I picked my brother up from his friends house. haha, see?

Yesterday I went to the doctor for the first time in like 6 years. It was odd, but nothing life shattering. I totally looked like an idiot when I went inside and realized that they completely changed the entire interior of the office. Now it resembles a regular hospital….in the future. The nurses/assistants or whatever, they don’t call your name anymore, you get a silent buzzer, like at restaurants. And they switched all their computing systems with Mac’s.

My doctor looks the exact same as the last time I saw him. And he swiped me tons of free sample puffers so that I don’t have to pay for them, just like he used to. hahaha.

He put me on Advair, so that I can try to not use my Salbutamol (Blue puffer) as often as I do. Considering its supposed to be an “emergency use only” thing, I guess its better for me to try and use something made for “chronic, long term” athsmatics like myself. Guess what kids, I got’s dat Chronic. Just not the good kind.

It seems to be working decently for the moment, its weird not constantly using my puffer. I guess I’ll get used to it.

I still got things on my mind. I still got stuff’s. Whatever. I guess.

Where de beans at, Beardie?

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Misty Blue April 26, 2009 at 8:40 am

more like weirdie BEARD at, weirdie?
haha the captcha i have to fill out to comment this is ‘palmshe’
i find that hilarious..
or it’s just really early.

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