she whispers to me, "i was meant to be free."


I want to put on more episodes of numbers, but I really don’t want to stop listening to music either.

Do you people understand the weight of these (and other) impact-full decisions I have to make?

Elmo is cleaning himself next to me, and he is being very loud about it, bad kitty.

You should really learn to be considerate to your bedmate when licking your genitals.

I sure told him, yeah.

So its 4/20, I surely must have something to say about that, right? Other than the fact that you people take your lungs for granted, no. And yes, I do say that in a slightly sarcastic sense. I have athsma, nerdy nerdy athsma. It’s not killing me slowly, but it does ensure that I will never get a good nights rest for the rest of my life.

This morning womped, the puffer I had in my room all weekend was empty when I woke up wheezing at like 6am, so I had to put on my windbreaker ( the 90’s one, nike, right?) and go out to my car in the rain to get my other one. Which, I might add, is starting to run low, perhaps I should get a couple more tomorrow, before I forget. By the time I got back in and used it, I was totally awake. I really didn’t think it the best idea to wake my brother so early and go to work then, so I took a shower.

I am not a morning shower person, but this one was nice. Probably because I didn’t have to battle between any one else for hot water, which, for some reason, is a real problem here.

Then we went to work, and the clock on my phone started getting all weird, telling me it was 45 minutes earlier than it actually was. It really bothered me. I hate thinking I am ahead when I am actually running on time. BLEH to that.

I am getting lurkers from stranger places everyday, and even people GOOGLE searching my blogger. I really hope that it isnt just kids looking to lurk the dude who used to be in LIFERUINER cause that would really just piss me off. Though I suppose that will be beneficial in any other bands I might be in in the future. I know that the person lurking me from NYC is one of two people, but which? The one that lurks blogs constantly, or the one I would figure to be more interested in my life.

Im sure its the first one.

I was told to check out this band, good call. I am enjoying it.


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allison j. April 20, 2009 at 8:43 pm

pfft, as if. I bet there have been like a zillion times in which you have masturbated or something and he has been in the room.

compton April 21, 2009 at 1:01 am

dear, manchester orchestra is in my top 3 favorite bands. you should have checked them out long ago!

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