we fell in this hole that opened up


I am just sort of sitting around right now, no really doing anything, perhaps its time for a blog post?

I don’t even know who reads this, if anyone who really knows me anymore, perhaps I should just make my blogs directive to the strangers I assume pass by the blog while lurking for something far more interesting.

Blah, I dont know.

This week has been pretty decent, I am glad that it hasn’t been the way I had thought it would be. For those who don’t know, My friends Sara and Sam from New York are visiting me this week. I was really worried that with me having to work all week, and the fact that guelph has nothing very interesting to do, that they would get really bored and wish they never had came.

As far as I know, they have yet to regret the trip. I also worried that I would get sick of them, or just get irate and bothered like I usually do when I spend so much time with people visiting. I haven’t which is good. I think its because they are good at being guests haha. I just dont have to follow anyone around or make every meal.

I don’t mind being a good host, its just that after a week of waiting on people, I would start to get bothered by the work. I am glad I don’t have to be a servant. haha.

I think the plan for tonight is to get the necessary things to make taco’s and then have a taco night either at my house or at Misty’s.

Kyle (Karl) was supposed to come and hangout, but last minute he had to cancel, very lame. I would have liked to see him again, its been far too long. I think tomorrow we are going to toronto, I have the day off of work. The girls leave on Saturday, and I will be left to enjoy an empty house until my Mother and Joe return from their trip to Vegas. I hope my mom wins a million dollars so I can just stop doing ANYTHING.

OhhhHhHhHhhhh yeahhhhhhh.

Also, I have been working on getting a new band together. So far we have a few people willing to at the very least jam. It will be with my friend James. I am really glad that I will get to work with him again. There is a huge lacking in good hearted people who have as much drive to achieve as him.

Also, Al is moving back to Guelph, he messaged me today about getting some people to jam when he gets back. I heard that he was concerned over how I was reacting to not having anyone to make music with in my earlier posts. So if you are reading this, Thanks Al.

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