don’t claim you love me, ’cause you know it ain’t true.


So I am moving, I have made that pretty obvious to anyone in my world. Though I have yet to announce it on here.

This means that I will NOT be getting tattooed as soon as I would like. I will most likely be having to find a new artist for my sleeve and other work in the future, as Andy is moving to Winnipeg within a few weeks.

Anyways, I guess this whole moving thing is coming really fast. I mean, in my mind it hasn’t, because I have been thinking about it for awhile. I can see how it is though, because I only started looking at places last weekend. I found one I REALLY like, and so there is a chance that I will be moving into it next week. If it isn’t as good as it seems, then there is another place that I looked at last night, and it is also pretty nice. That one would probably give me a little more time to get stuff together, so it will be good either way.

Its been pretty stressful though, I haven’t had too much downtime this week. But I suppose thats the kind of person I am, I am quick to decided when to act on something. I don’t think its such a negative thing. I mean, I am not foot down on this place. I am also not an idiot. I am not going to jump into something I don’t think I’ll be able to do. If things get bad, I will legit get a job for weekends and evenings. I don’t even care, I don’t do anything anyways, so why not?

I just need a change. There isn’t a band for me, there isn’t any way i could move somewhere in the States (right now). So, why not? Everyone needs to grow up. I obviously am not giving up hope on anything in life, but I am trying to be realistic…

I mean, here at my moms place, its not even that big a deal to me that I can’t have people over. I just want my own space. I want to feel like an adult. I want to have nice things and I want to get home and WANT to cook myself dinner.

I don’t know, it’s worth the chance, and I have to take the plunge sometime.

Who knows, maybe it’s what I need to finally feel like a regular person. Maybe not.

Tomorrow, I figure out where I will be living.

I cant wait.

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