How can you rap for all that sunset?


I am sitting here, totally devoid of what to do, I suppose its time to lay down, and start watching Numb3rs.

I am pretty tired, it’s time to call it a night I think.

Though at this very moment, I am sitting here with my myspace music open, listening to old songs I wrote. I wrote them all somewhere around 8 months ago, and I really haven’t really listened to them since. The only thing that I can take from it is that some of this stuff isn’t as bad as I thought it was when I stopped doing it. The thought to start doing it again has even already crossed my mind, though I wonder if that is just me wishing that I was making music in some way. I am getting tired of waiting, I just want to be playing music again.


I’ve sorta decided I am moving out. The problem is that either I move out on my own, and make a commitment that this is where I will be for awhile. Or I move out with my mom and my brother, and take a go at it like that. I am getting sick of not even being allowed to have people come inside my house. Like, what kind of household is that? I am a grown adult and I am being treated like I am 5.

So while my mother is looking for places big enough for three, I am looking for places big enough for me. All of this stuff really worries me though. If I commit to this then anything I plan on doing in the future for music will be much more difficult. Hell, when I see a van for sale on the side of the road I still contemplate checking it out, to see if it would be a decent van to tour in.

I don’t even want to think about how pathetic it would be if I owned a tour van and trailer and didn’t even have a band to be touring in it with. I just really want this thing with James to take off. At least to be able to work with people, especially friends again. I need it a lot more than I lead on.

I watched the season finale of Lost tonight, it was really good, there were a lot of surprises. If you aren’t into the show, I suggest you spend the off season getting into it, because this next season is supposed to be the last.

I don’t really know what else to blog about. I twitter too much.

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