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I found something out this week.

I am a twitter addict. I find myself constantly re-loading the twitter page/twitterific waiting for some for the 30-something people I follow to post a new tweet. Its totally replaced myspace for me, which I used to check on an hourly basis, am now lucky to see me on it once a day.

Isn’t it weird, the way that things replace each other? The way that social networking sites (among other things) are always in a battle to be just interesting enough to keep our attention for a little while longer.

Myspace introduced the whole notion of making friends with mass amounts of strangers, it opened a whole new form of mingling, a way to meet the people you want, while being able to ignore the people you don’t. It replaced an entire generation of kids who would go to shows, not only for the music, but for the social interaction, and exchanged it with a group of people who now will only go out to drink with one another. Because, the reality is that drinking alone is still not as fun as in public.

I’m sure that in time, drinking alone in your room while chatting with other people who are also drinking alone in their apartment. Mybooze? Its not even far fetched to imagine.

Anyways, another useless half rant from me in order to fill a blog post. I suppose that if there is anywhere to stop holding back and just let my thoughts roll off of my mind and through my fingers is on here. You can always stop reading. I won’t mind.

Okay, I will.

Today is mothers day, which means that at 4:00 this after noon I was running around the mall looking for something to get my impossible-to-buy-for mom a gift and card. Nothing to crazy.

I ended up getting her some smelly shit from Bath and Body works, and Chocolate truffles from Rocky mountain something something.

As it turns out, my mother hates truffles. She totally hid it though. I only found out when my stepfather (who coincidentally didn’t get my mother ANYTHING) blurted out, “don’t you like, hate truffles?” while I was maybe, 2 steps from walking out of the room.

Real asshole move. Purposely trying to make me feel like shit because he was too lazy to do anything and now looks like a moron.

I think I’ll go buy her a box of chocolates tomorrow, to make up for the truffles that were mostly consumed by myself. I hope I get her second least favorite kind. That would be wonderful.

The past few days, all I seem to be listening to is Maria Taylor. She makes nice songs, look her up. Or, watch the video from my last blog post.

Anyways, I don’t know what else to talk about. Like most of my other blogs, I lose the drive to continue writing. The rest of my going on’s, you get to guess about.

I’ve been biting the inside of my cheek a lot this week.

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