they’ll find you out.


So I am sitting here in a Holiday Inn in Fraser, MI, and I am biding time ’till our late checkout and subsequent hangouts for the afternoon. What better a time to blog?

We are hanging out with a girl, Amie, who Gates and I have known since our first tour. She is from California and I used to have a big crush on her.

Its weird though, because yeah, I used to feel that way or whatever, but I got over it. And now, I could care less if I even see her. Though I think that can be attributed to the fact that I actually haven’t spoke to her in over a year. Even finding out and setting up the trip to Michigan to come and see her was all set up by Gates, I still haven’t spoke to her.

Yeah, it’ll be weird, to see her after so long, but I also have my guesses that she doesn’t really want to see me at all. And I’m again not saying that I do or don’t want to see her. I just don’t care if I did.

Enough about that.

I looked at the place in the last post, and it was really nice, unfortunately, the pictures I was sent of the place were not the same unit, and this one doesn’t have the hardwood floors I was so very interested in. It made the decision hard. Also the dude who owned the place seemed totally uninterested and was extremely hard to get an answer to any question out of about anything to do with the place.

I got home and really thought about it, and weighed out the options. And decided the make firm on that place. I sent the guy and email about it, and he hasn’t replied yet. 2 full days and no reply. I’ll live.

Plus, perhaps deciding I wanted to move and trying to make that happen within a month was a bad idea. I guess I will just start looking for places I can move into for July 1st. I don’t know what this will mean for the sofa my mom put a deposit on for me, but either I can get that one, or I will just opt for another one closer to the move.

It suck’s, but what can a guy do?

It’ll be a lot better, especially due to the fact that I had to get new brake pads put on my car. When they took my tire off to put on a new wheel bearing, my break pad fell apart. They gave me half price new pads and didn’t make me switch out the rotors, which is something they don’t normally do for people. I am thankful, but I will probably go get those rotors now that I am probably not moving till July.


L’otel (I don’t parle francais)

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