Behold, a lady.


I haven’t blogged in what, like 2 weeks now? I don’t know I guess I have been too busy too? I haven’t even been checking to see who has been reading it.

I usually do that even when I am too busy to post.

I have been working, and looking for places to live. Last weekend was Misty’s birthday, so we were doing stuff all weekend. The zoo on Saturday and then a campfire on Saturday night. Then Sunday was all about a get together BBQ at her Mom’s place. I guess it was half and half between the two of them (Her mom’s b’day is the 2nd).

It’s hard to find a decent place to live these days. Well I wouldn’t know how it was before, this is my first place. I guess I have it narrowed down to 2 places, and really one is just the fall back plan.

Today I went and looked at a loft apartment that I really want. It’s a bit cheaper than the last place I wanted. By “bit” I mean upwards of a couple hundred dollars a month. Its a bit smaller, but I kind of like it better. It’s just more interesting. So I sent in an application for it when I got home and I am going to follow up on it tomorrow morning. If that doesn’t go through, there is a pretty interesting bachelor apartment downtown that I will probably end up in. Its a bit smaller, and it doesn’t have the whole lofty bedroom thing, but it’s definitely really cool. I can easily say that I wouldn’t be upset if I got stuck with it.

Other then that, my time has been spent playing Prototype, which came out Tuesday. It’s a pretty awesome game. Its brutal, but you can tell how much work they actually put into it.

I haven’t much else to say, I drank my last Arnold Palmer today, I must trip somewhere to replenish it.

manly stubble, don’t act like you’re not impressed

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