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I’m sitting here watching DVD’s on my computer, because it’s too hot to run my TV, Blu-ray Player, and Sound System, so I figure while I am here why not post one of these blogamajigs those kids are always talking about these days.

No, really, it’s like hell… or Kansas, but at least there was rain to kill the heat a little.
Anyways, so I called my landlord yesterday to find out when I can move in, and I get the place on Saturday morning. That piece of news then lead to me going mattress shopping, as I bought a frame at ikea, but no actual mattress. I got a really good deal on a “pillow top pocket coil space age material” something or another.
The technical specifications on a mattress aren’t like a phone or a computer, so it actually goes way over my head. All I know is that I lied on the bed and it felt super duper comfyness.
Wow, I’m talking like an idiot in this post. The heat is getting to me, and I am pretty tired.
After that I went over to the rogers store and set up the internet for my new place. Apparently all I need to do when I move in is plug the modem in and it’ll work, or something. I’m not all that worried, because if it doesn’t work right away, I have an internet stick and my phone that can be used.
Which reminds me, when I was at Rogers setting up internet, I also finaggled myself an upgrade on my phone, so now I have the new iPhone 3GS, and I have to say I can already tell the difference. I wont lie, I am pretty glad I didn’t buy it outright, its not really worth the $600 it would have been. I mean, its worth it, but not if I already had a phone that worked fine.
On top of that, I got a Direct message on twitter from David Pogue (or whoever is helping him) about his upcoming book, “The World According To Twitter”. I already mentioned this in an earlier post, but now its (almost) official. I got a message saying that he wanted to use the poem I wrote and include it in the book. On top of being published in the book, I will also get a free copy of it, signed and personalized for me by David Pogue (que nerdy giddiness!).
It’s just been a decent week for me, and in my life, to have a week that is a couple of points up is a huge deal. I always think about it. The reality is that I am doomed for neutrality in my life. Things will never be all that amazing, nor all that terrible for me. I mean, I should knock on wood, God forbid saying that I just turned my “luck” around. I think that is just how its going to be. A life of settling for the way things are.
Which, for the record, could be much worse. But on the other hand, they could be much better.
Oh well, I’m not going to wallow in pity when I have nothing to be pitiful about.
Anyways, I was pretty late for work this morning because I went for a walk with Misty last night, one that took twice as long as she had thought it would (I told you so…). I better get to bed.

Kill Me.

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