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I can’t really bring myself to try and get to sleep. I don’t know if its because I am so excited that I will have Final Fantasy 7 (WIKI) on my PSP, or if its because I am kind of sad…

Yeah, I can have feelings sometimes, I guess. I am kind of sad about a few things.

Sometimes I get lonely, sometimes. Sometimes I would like the company of someone I care about, If I were able to be like that with somebody, as more than a friend.

There is also something else that is bothering me. It’s funny because it doesnt have anything to do with me technically.

It goes like this,

I have a friend, and they have 2 friends. For the Blogs sake, I will henceforth refer to them as F1 (My Friend), F2 , and F3 (Her friends).

Okay, F1 has been friends with both F2 and F3 for a long time. F2 and F3 start getting involved with each other, and even though F1 isn’t the happiest by it, they hide the way they feel for the sake of the 2 friends. Well, F1 says something that upsets F2 and makes her not want to be her friend. This then leads to F3 deciding to completely ditch F1 because they don’t want to shake up the relationship and “future” they might have.

This really upsets me because F3 really doesn’t care about F1 at all, when for the last 3 years (at least) I have heard about how much F1 cared about and missed F3.

Like, I get it. You are trying to stand by the side of someone you care for. But the reality is that when you base something by trying to force it to work, through actions like writing anybody off that you feel might get in the way of that, well that is a surefire way to end up ruining everything. And, ending up friendless and alone.

I know, believe me, I know.

The worst part is that all of you are years older than I am. Can’t any of you see how immature you are ALL being?

F1 – Don’t let the situation between two people you care about hinder how much you actually love them individually.

F2 – Stop being such a baby and writing people off for two weeks over shit that doesn’t matter, I’ve seen it before, and nothing EVER comes from it.

F3 – I know you read this blog. I thought we were friends, to be honest. The fact that I, a person who generally could care less about most things that involve MYSELF, am offended by this drama should show at the very least how ignorant you are being. But hey, like you said “I’m fine with that”.

Moving on, I don’t even know what else I wanted to talk about.

Today I got in a fight with my brother, as usual. Once a week seems pretty spot on for that clockwork.

Sometimes I wonder who still reads my blogs. I mean, I can obviously figure out who some people are, but there are ones that I see and I don’t know, and there are ones I can’t pick out but wonder.

Do you still read my blog?

If so, do you do it to see if I am involved with someone else?

If so, is it to make sure I am happy?

If I am happy with someone else, does it bother/anger/hurt you that it didn’t work with us?

Do you hate me?

Do you miss me?

Yeah, sometimes I think these things, I wont go into further detail about that though.

and No, I don’t read other peoples blogs, I don’t know why I don’t care to.

I can’t figure out what note to leave on, so I’ll just leave it at that.

FFVII on my PSP, Snazzy Moostache

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Anonymous June 4, 2009 at 7:58 am

I've been trying. It's F3 I care about losing. It's F3 who has broken my heart. I've been trying to talk to both. I even invited them to my bonfire. Nothing. It's like I stopped existing or mattering. I'm over it with F2, but I don't understand why F3 just gave up on me.

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