I don’t know why I want to stop myself from feelin’ low


I did more apartment hunting today, I found a really really nice place. The rent is 850 all in too, so its even cheaper than the other places too.

The only problem is that they say no pets, I asked to see if Elmo could be allowed, so here is hoping.

I have been so tired this week, its so confusing. Like, I have been going to bed earlier than usual, and sleeping in later, and I still feel like crap. Maybe its because that this entire week I haven’t had a single can of Redbull, not since Detroit. I have one here, but I haven’t had it.

Having it now would be a stupid plan, I would even enjoy it.

I still have 2 or 3 cans of Arnold Palmer left, which I am thinking I might enjoy right now…Yep, right now. The gas station we went to on the way home didn’t have jugs of it, so I just grabbed like 10 cans. When we were asked what we were bringing back at the border, my direct quote was, “Uhh, like 3 boxes of cereal and maybe… I don’t know, like 10 cans of Arnold Palmer Half Lemonade Half Iced Tea?”

Best look ever.

Oh yeah, thats the stuff

I have not read in a while, I feel like I want to. But I know I will just fall asleep within a few minutes. UGH, every book needs an audiobook version of it aswell.

I hope I get enough money on the 11th to be able to pay off debt and make first/last rent on the apartment I want to move into (Whatever one it may be) maybe I will just opt for a cheaper place so that I can still afford things (like tattoo’s), you know, necessities.

I really want to get my sleeve done, but Andy is going to be moving, I cant afford, nor do I think its smart to try and get it all done before he goes. I need a new artist. I also need something to hold me over until I can find someone to do my sleeve. Maybe I will get the guy who did the tattoo behind my ear do one on the other side. I know what I want, I just need to picture.

This is the closest thing I can find online, but its really just an idea.

Yeah, I am pretty sure that is way off.

Either way, I have been doing this blog too long. I want to lay down.

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