Are you serious like a heart attack?


I think I would like to meet new people.

People who don’t know me before we speak. Someone who isn’t involved in the music scene, the club scene, or any scene for that matter. Somebody intelligent, and opinionated. Somebody who isn’t ignorant. There are far too many ignorant people around, and I am sick of meeting all of them. I’m not speaking of anybody specifically, or am I?
If I leave the aspect of mystery I suppose then by definition I would be more mysterious, no?
Work this week has been light, though my brother staying here has made the place more cramped. It’s not so bad though, nothing I can’t deal with. I think I will be glad when he heads back home on friday. Having my place all disheveled is pretty unnerving, needless to say, I don’t enjoy it.
I am sitting here watching Deathrace and thinking about what I will have for dinner. I spent a bunch of cash going to the movies last night so I don’t want to eat out. I’ll probably just eat junk all night.
I’m kind of bummed out that once again, a band that I was working on starting fell through. I’m not bothered by it, it always happens. I’m beginning to give up on that. I’ll most likely settle into the life that I have/have been making. Pretty exciting huh?
it’s like why do I try

when I feel I’m gonna die
without a tear left in my eye?”

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