I’m affable, responsible, but hard to be around


I sort of stopped blogging, which isn’t cool, though it seems my readership is down as well, perhaps I am just not as interesting to read about as I used to be?

I don’t know, nor do I really care all that much. I’m not starved for attention anymore, though it is always nice when you know that a lot of people want to know what you are doing/thinking/feeling.
I am getting nice and settled in the new apartment, and I am getting used to the new bed. I gotta say, I like it.
I really enjoy making my own dinner and taking care of my cat.
Tonight I finished building the dresser I’ve been too lazy to finish, and I put the clothes that were on the floor of my closet inside of it. I also took out some of the cardboard that’s been waiting to go, and vacuumed the whole apartment for the first time. I think tomorrow will mean me finally unpacking all my bathroom stuff and putting it on the shelves.
I also think that I will get some new towels, ones that don’t lint all over you when you try to dry off after a shower. God, its so annoying.
I just made myself some fish and potatoes and I am watching tech TV.
I get paid tomorrow, and I decided that this month I was getting tattoo’d this month.
It’ll be of a picture I posted numerous blogs ago, I will post a picture once its drawn and/or tattoo’d on me.
I don’t feel like whining about feelings and stuff, so I’m just going to go.

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