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It has been an extremely long while since I have posted a blog, and even longer since I have posted a blog that involved anything more than me posting a video or song.
I guess I have been busy, or maybe just lazy. I don’t even know. Maybe I don’t see a need to post everything on here. I don’t know, really.
These past few weeks, things have been that same. Always working, always the same route. Today I have the day off, tomorrow too. Sort of a forced vacation. I slept in, and it didn’t even feel like a day off. Though that may be because halfway through the day I started to feel really sick. I am feeling a bit better now, which is good I suppose.
This past weekend was the Toronto Fan Expo. Needless to say, I spent a lot of money. It was really cool, much bigger than last year. I met Larry Thomas (Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi), Dave Thomas, among others. I bought some artwork for my apartment and a few comics. It was really fun, and I got lots of pictures.
Here is one of me and Dave Thomas

I really had a good time. Also, today I got my copy of David Pogue’s book “The World According To Twitter” came today. It was pretty cool to see me published in it, and having it be signed by Pogue himself.
Anyways, the weekend was fun. I am too tired/lazy to type more.

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