I will feel the same, no matter what the outcome.


I have enough time on my hands to start writing these more often, perhaps it will help me speak about more diverse subjects beyond my feeling so lost.

I really wish I didn’t have to work tomorrow, weekends aren’t nearly long enough. I am on and off writing this blog/cleaning/listening to music/killing time until Dexter at 10. Multi-tasker extraordinaire.
I got my phone bill today, which always comes bundled with my cable and internet. My bill was a wondrous $579 dollars. To put that into perspective, I will say that my Rogers bill is usually 200-250 a month. Using data in NY was probably the worst idea ever, but I have learned? I suppose.
I was feeling hungry after I did the dishes, and I don’t really have anything I can really make for “dinner”. Earlier I made a big plate of pan fried noodles, using the rest of them up. I have some liptons soup that I think I might make. I think I need to do some very minimal grocery shopping tomorrow, it’s been weeks since I have been. I had a coffee thinking that the caffeine would curb my pangs, which it did.
God, I sound like an anorexic or something. I don’t know why I am not really eating much lately, I guess it is just sort of the way I am feeling. Though its not really depression. Its just sort of an empty melancholy. When I am depressed I eat. A lot. I’ve been big on rootbeer floats though. I will admit that. I need to get some plain vanilla ice cream when I go shopping.
I’ve been using oreo ice cream, which is good, but I am pretty sure that I would prefer plain old vanil instead.
Anyways, 10 mins to dexter and I think I want to make soup. Gonna go do that.

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