Moving, not moving forward.


So it is Saturday night, and I am spending it how I usually do. Alone, in my apartment, sitting on the internet.

Its not a total loss I suppose, I can’t imagine the things I could be doing otherwise.
Random point: The commercial for the new Horror/Thriller/Popcorn movie the stepfather. Why hasn’t there been a movie about an evil stepfather yet? It seriously seems like the most logical thing to make a movie about, all stepfathers suck.
I slept in way late today, and didn’t really do much at all.
Dealt with some drama, you know, the normal.
Now I am watching Seinfeld trying to decide if I want to play some xbox or something, make a rootbeer float, or watch a movie or something. I like being by myself, but yet I sometimes still feel pretty alone.
I sometimes feel like I need to meet new people, and fill my time with them. Though at the same time, I just want to live in my bubble in peace.
Gosh, I wish it were easier to get things in my head in line.
Oh well, I guess I’ll just keep on dealing with that.
Off to continue working on music. Night.

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