the bright end of nowhere.


I always struggle with what I should name each blog, which incase you have yet to notice, is always music lyrics.

Over a year of doing this, and I am pretty sure I have strayed from this tradition only a couple times. The funniest part about it is that I constantly get hits on my blog from random people searching lyrics that I use as blog titles. The most are from the week I used Kanye lyrics.
Anyways, my dilemma tonight was between 2 songs, a Matt Good one, and a Manchester Orchestra one. I ended up going with the Matt Good one, it seems more appropriate for the way things are right now.
The bright end of nowhere is basically how my life is. I have a good job, but it really is nowhere.
And as I am typing this, a situation transcends that has annoyed me beyond belief. So in light, I am going the fuck to bed.

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