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Calvin Harris – You should know him


I’ve decided that along with some of the other blogs I have been posting, I will be occasionally (whenever I feel like it) be posting articles under the title “You Should Know Them”. In each of these posts I will highlight somebody I think you should know (get it yet?). These people aren’t going to all be about music, though a lot probably will. And with that, I will get this started.

Calvin Harris is a synthpop artist hailing from Dumfries, Scotland. Discovered on Myspace in 2006, Harris was signed to EMI and Sony BMG before ever releasing a full album. Prior to this he had three tracks featured on various 7-inch records with other electronic artists. Since signing, Calvin has released 2 records, “I Created Disco” and “Ready For The Weekend”. While neither had much critical acclaim, both are quite incredible records.

I am quite confused as to why he has yet to hit clubs up here (well he could have, I don’t club), nor the radio. The title track of his latest record is right up the alley of anyone into the traditional synthpop sound.

Ready for the weekend

But why else should you know who he is? One word, HUMANTHESIZER.

I love technologies. And I love when people use them to promote themselves in creative ways.

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