I am really starting


I am really starting to build up games that I own but haven’t beat. Next week I will be adding one more.

The Saboteur comes out next tuesday. I have been pretty excited . If you have yet to check it out, you should.

Last night we went to the Matt Good show in London. I have to say that on the whole, the show was pretty disappointing. It wasn’t really the music, or the people, or the venue, or anything really. Well, it was a mix of them all. The people there were so shitty, and the music wasn’t good enough to overpower it to make an enjoyable experience. I really hope that the show on monday is better.

The setlist was good, so if kids can not be pricks then I might be able to actually enjoy it.

I think I am getting too old, shows, even ones that I thought I really wanted to see seem boring.

Sigggghhhhhhh, tonight has been uninteresting, and be it that its US thanksgiving, I don’t even have anything really cool to even pass on.

So glad that tomorrow is the weekend.

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