I’m going to try something new.


I’m going to try, at least once a week to do a “This day in the past” thing featuring a quote from a blog that I wrote sometime in the past on this day.

“I don’t even know what I feel anymore. I try as hard as I can to just ignore the things that bring me down. I miss being numb, completely and utterly numb. But then, of course, when I was numb I wished I could feel” – Let The Factories Rust – 11/24/08

So there is that one.

I am condensing everything into one post tonight. I have already made three posts tonight, if I split these blogs up, they will definitely become at least 2 more. I don’t feel like spamming the people on my FB and Twitter.

I made some additions to the widgets on the side ———–>
I changed the order, added titles, a search bar, and a Last.fm widget that shows my top artists played in the past week.

When I have time I feel like making some changes that are a little more, invasive. Some more intense customization.  Perhaps I will find a better colour scheme, though I do like the white, minimalistic looking one that I have going on here. Though I really don’t have to worry too much about it all. I have yet to get much traffic.

There was a few days when I was getting over 100 hits a day, which was pretty mind blowing for me. And even though its not a big deal, it still stinks to see that I have days where there are 7 visits to my page. I like strangers taking an interest in the things I say, tell your friends to check out my blog. Let them know that I am adding all sorts of good new stuff.

I think that I’ll get into writing some reviews this week. But who knows if I have the time for that?

Tomorrow is the first Matt Good show I have tickets to. I am pretty excited, though all night I have been listening to a remix of a Taylor Swift song, its really the only time I’ve ever heard her. I have (and will continue to) avoid really listening to or downloading her stuff. I hate when I get into bands and singers that have a lot of hype built around them. Yes, I am that shallow. Anyways, here is the remix. It is quite toe tapping.

Taylor Swift – Love Story (Old Skool Electro Remix) (It wont let me embed it)

I should get to sleep now.

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Randy November 25, 2009 at 2:35 am

Taylor Swift isn’t bad, she sings mine and Kathlene’s song “Crazier”

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