Internet costs me 15 dollars an hour.


It took me 2 days before I had to cave and get on the internet. I bought a card I can reuse for 12 CUK, its like Cuban tourist currency or something. That translates to around 15 Canadian dollars an hour.

I shouldn’t be on here spending all my money blogging, and I can’t upload all of the pictures I have taken so far. So I will make it short and simple.

Being in a country with little to no American influence beyond the 1950’s is bizarre, very bizarre.

I should get off of this though, I have already spent like 6 bucks of my internet time. I have a lot to type about already. For a taste I will say that:

– I was searched at the airport, for being covered in tattoos
– The espresso is delicious and plentiful
– The waitstaff look at me like I am Lorenzo Lamas.

Who am I kidding, I’ll probably pay to post tomorrow too.

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