every minute is a mile.

its hard not to use song lyrics as a blog title.


It really is. It’s hard to be original, its hard to think for yourself.

It’s hard to be original.

I am currently laying in a hotel bed across the road from Pearson International Airport. In approximately 7 hours I will be boarding a plane to Cuba for the week. This means that I will have limited chance to get onto this fancy new site of mine, along with heed my respective Twitter and Facebook addictions.

This will have been my first “real” vacation in years, probably over three now. Thought thats only technically, I mean, tour was for all intents and purposes a vacation. If only a vacation from growing up. Since I have been home from doing that stuff and working full time, this is m first official break on about 18 months, give or take.

It was funny, there were a few of my mail customers who pointed out how odd it was that I hadn’t taken a single break since I had been delivering the mail. I like working I think. I like having something to wake up and do. I think its the fact that if I didn’t have a job to go to, I would just waste away all day and never leave my bed. Mostly because I am lazy, and I like bed. Also, because if I didn’t have a reason to get up, I think I would spend a lot more time making things that are negative in my life bigger issues. Focus on those things is a very bad idea.

Last night after I posted about the Fort Hood shootings, I got a text, which made me laugh a bit.

“What are you, like a news blog now?”

No, I am not, but not because I wouldn’t like to. I don’t think its fair for me to blog on things that I don’t know as much as I would like to on. I follow politics, but I don’t typically provide a commentary on them because I don’t study them. I don’t know enough. If I were to sit and voice my opinions like any other blogger on the issue, I would most definitely say something incorrect, and make myself look like a fool.

Whether I am a fool or not is merely indicative by showing that. If I can hide it, then for all you know I have a Doctorate in Socio-political Sciences. I like to keep things mysterious…

There I go on a predictable rant that barely makes sense, typical to my blogging. Very uninteresting.

As I was saying, I am not putting a focus on any specific subject in my new blog. I plan to have it be more than just my personal thoughts and feelings, and possibly toning down the things that would be more suited to a 140 character tweet, rather than a 300 word blog.

Once I have things up and running I plan to provide blogs with some social commentary on current events, video game reviews, perhaps I will make attempts at writing real articles. You know, the ones that people who go to school learn to write? Who knows what other crazy things I will get myself into on here.

All I know is that I want it to be more than a place for people I’m/was friends with to come and see how whiny and sad I am feeling. I want people to come to the site because they are genuinely interested in the opinions I have and the things I have to say.

Whether or not they have ever met me.

(The picture in the header was taken on my iPhone while driving, sometime last month. It has been altered in iPhoto)

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